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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Unsigned reviews


            Over on Fanfiction.net I've been posting three of my stories that I've been working on. One of those is titled "Ranma - Senshi of the Moon." The premise of that story is that Ranma is the reincarnated soul of Queen Serenity's daughter and the one destined to be Sailor Moon. However I have changed the time frame for this to the 21st Century. I've also allowed the Senshi to be a bit more grown up when they take up their powers. In my story they are all 17 and 18 rather than 14 as in canon.


            Reviews have mostly been positive for what I have posted so far. However there was one review where the person writing it said he would stop reading. He (or she) didn't like how I handled the breakup between Ranma and Akane, saying that I was ignoring 38 volumes of slow buildup of the R/A romance.


            The problem with that review is that the writer of the review wasn't signed in and was just listed as "Guest." Anyone is free to voice their opinion and I would be one of the first to defend that right. However, by not "Signing" the review, that guest has deprived me of the right to reply and to defend my choices made in the writing of the story.


            The story that this person was complaining about is supposed to take place in the Sailor Moon world. I have no plans for Akane to make any appearances in the story other than references being made by characters. Ryoga will make an appearance and I was toying with the idea of Kasumi being Sailor Titan. That is the only appearance of any members of the NWC that I have planned.


            To keep Akane out of the story I would either need her to dump Ranma, him to dump her or write her as dead at Jusendo. My feeling was that to kill Akane off would result in Ranma carrying too much emotional baggage. If Ranma's dumped, he can concentrate in moving on with his life.


            There is one additional thought I would offer up to that anonymous reviewer, if you are reading this blog. The story about Ranma as Sailor Moon is fan fiction. As the author of such a work, I feel no obligation to any slavish adherence to canon. I may alter canon events, relationships or characters as I see fit for the sake of the story.


            In my writing I am not a strict Akane fan. I have written fics where she is Ranma's soul mate and others where she is not. In fact, in my fic "Soul Divide" I write her as turning into an uber psyco-bitch who snaps and comes close to killing Ranma and tries to kill Nodoka.


            In other news I have just started on the opening chapters of a Ranma/Harry Potter crossover. In that one I have Harry taken away after surviving the attack by Voldemort and being sent to be raised by Nodoka. An amulet changes Harry to look Asian and hides him from detection by Dumbledore and all of the others trying to find him.


            For a bit of a twist with that one, I want to put into the background that Nodoka is a witch who attended Hogwarts in the past and is a good friend of Minerva Magonagall. Right after graduating from Hogwarts, she meets the Doctor (Dr. Who) on one of his visits to London. She travels with him as a companion for about a year of her personal subjective time. When she meets Magonagall, it will be right as the professor is looking for some alternative to placing Harry with the Dursley's.


            The doctor will return Nodoka to her own time but will take a little forward in time and drop him off with Nodoka after she has gotten married to Genma. Genma will be put under a memory charm so that he will be led to believe that Harry (now Ranma) is his own child and that the lightning bolt scar came from the boy falling down and hitting his head.


            Thanks to the time travel, Ranma will actually be 18 when the date of Harry's 11th birthday arrives. Magic aging mushrooms will make Ranma the right age so that when the letters go out from Hogwarts, he (She) will get one.


            I'm also going to try and get first and second chapters of some of my newer stories ready for posting on this blog. These stories consist of "Stripes" (Ranma as a tiger cat girl), "Mixed Feelings" (Lemon with Ranma, and much of the NWC turning into futanari) and "Pursuit of Peace" (Ranma-chan fic where she meets up with Tofu and finds that he left Nerima because he was in love, not with Kasumi, but Ranma's girl form.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012



 Hello to my readers. I'm back.


If you haven't read of it elsewhere I can tell you how this blog came to be taken down for a time. I was enjoying a good readership and getting lots of hits on the blog, but was not fully happy with the way the chapter posts were organized.


I figured that I would do better if I could get a website instead of just a blog. That way I could have a main page where the titles of the stories were listed and by clicking on any title you could go to a page that listed the chapters.


I had decided to use Google Sites for the free website hosting. I think the problem is that I didn't fully read the Terms of Service. They don't allow pictures of nudity and sex acts on their free websites. When they found that I had such pictures attached to my chapters of Futanari Ranma, they shut down my account.


At the time I did not realize that Blogspot was a Google service. When they shut down the account for my site, they also shut down my blog. I would have to guess that they later reinstated my blog, but not the site. I don't know when that reinstatement took place because Google never sent me an email to notify me. I didn't learn that the blog was back up until I read about it in a discussion forum on another site.


I would still like to get a website, but the free web hosting services I've seen all seem to have some kind of prohibition on adult content. Since I do write some lemon fics and would occasionally like to illustrate them with pictures I download, I have to be careful.


If any of my readers knows of a free web hosting service that would allow adult content (with an appropriate content warning), then I'd appreciate it if one of you would let me know how to contact them.


On another topic. One of the most universal things I have seen in fan fictions is author notes where the writer of the fic apologizes for how long it has been since the last time they updated. Personally, I never get more than mildly annoyed when it has been a long time since an update. I will confess to feeling sad and a little disappointed when it has been more than a year or two since the last update on a story that I really enjoyed.


One of the reasons I don't get annoyed over this is because the authors of fan fiction don't get paid for their work. If those authors need to spend time devoted to activities that pay the bills instead of updating their fics then I can sympathize.


I have been posting three stories on FanFiction.net. Those are "Happi's Redemption," "Ranma - Senshi of the Moon," and "No Need for a Tomboy." Of those, the one that I've got the most chapters posted for is Happi's Redemption.


It has now been a couple of months since I last posted a chapter on any of those stories. It hasn't been because I don't have anything ready to post or at least stuff that could be gotten ready.


I am sure other writers will understand my reason. Have you ever gotten an idea for a story that you just can't get out of your head until you write it down? That was what happened in my case. I had an idea for a new story for Ranma. This one is a lemon story where Ranma avoids getting a curse at Jusenkyo and Genma was the one who fell into the Spring of Drowned girl.


Being the idiot he is, Genma asks the Guide where the Spring of Drowned Man is and then jumped in before the Guide could warn him. The result - Genma gained a cursed form of a futanari.


For anyone who has read my "Futanari Ranma" story you would have heard of the village of Futar. For those who haven't read that story, it is another village in Bayankala Mountain Range in the same general area as Jusenkyo, the Amazons, Musk and Phoenix tribes. They have one spring in the village and that turns the people and animals that fall into it into human futanari.


The Guide suggested Genma and Ranma go to the Futar village to help Genma learn to cope with her new form. Then in another act of stupidity, Genma knocked Ranma into the spring and doused herself with locking water to be stuck permanently in futanari form. Lots of other stuff happens, but they eventually get back to Nerima and lots of sex is happening.


After I got a 200 page rough draft for that story done, I got another idea that I had to develop. In that one Ranma fell into the Girl spring, but also landed in the Spring of Drowned Tiger. Now with a cursed form as a tiger cat girl, Ranma can't stand to even look at her reflection because of her fear of cats.


They go to the Amazon village where Ranma gets help from Kho Lon and Pao Dah, the Lore Mistress of the tribe. Ranma agrees to stay with the Amazons for a year for training and Genma goes on to Nerima. I have touched on a few canon events and how they will happen differently when Ranma isn't in Nerima to deal with them.


After getting some of that idea written up, I got a third new idea. This one starts with a bit of a fanon cliche. Fed up with the whole mess in Nerima, Ranma executes a plan to escape. To further the plan, Ranma has renounced the Saotome name and the Anything Goes school. She has changed her given name and decided that she likes being a girl more than a boy.


In this story Ranma has been adopted by an American man and his Japanese wife. She will be going to school with the Senshi at Juuban high school. After she is in her new Juuban home, the curse dissipates because Ranma has learned the lesson the curse was meant to teach.


She discovers that Dr. Tofu left Nerima, not because of Kasumi related craziness, but because the girl he loved didn't love him and he didn't think he'd ever had a chance with her. As it turns out it was Ranma he was in love with (or at least her girl side.) Now that Ranma has become a full-time girl, she starts going out on dates with Tofu. I eventually intend for them to get married and have kids. I was also planning to have Tofu eat an age changing mushroom so he can be the same age as Ranma.


I think I'm at a point in those newest stories that I can leave them for a while and get back to my previously neglected work and update one or more of my stories on FF.net. After I've done that, I'm going to work on polishing up the first chapters of each of the new stories and post them on the blog and see what comments I get.



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ranma: Senshi of the Moon Chapter 5

Ranma: Senshi of the Moon
A Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon Crossover Fan Fiction
By Michael A. Ivins

What was that? You say I don't own Ranma or Sailor Moon? Are you sure?
Oh, all right! If you insist!
I am just a poor fanfic writer playing around with other people's characters and I make no money off doing so. There, I said it! Are you happy?

Timeline Notice: This takes place after the failed wedding in Ranma's part of the world and at the very beginning of Sailor Moon. Other inconsistencies will be explained in the story itself.

Chapter 5
Meeting of the Senshi

When they arrived at Tsukino home, Ranma let herself in through the front door. The girl set the cat down and proceeded to her bedroom with Luna following. She seated herself on the bed and the black furred advisor jumped up as well. When comfortably settled, Ranma said, "I'm going to tell my mom the nekoken is cured. Then I'll tell her I went out and that you followed me home and ask if I can keep you. Are you Ok with that?"

"Do you really think she's going to fall for that old trick?" Luna asked, disbelieving. In fact it was old even back in the Silver Millennium.

"She'll be so happy that I'm not afraid of cats anymore, she'll go along with it," Ranma countered. "Besides, when she sees how well behaved you are, she'll love you."

"Well, I suppose it might work after all," Luna conceded.

"You said you had been living on the street, right?" the redhead asked.

"Yes," the black furred creature admitted. "It would be nice to live in a house."

"Ok, then that's settled," the girl stated. "I've been sorting through my memories of the Silver Millennium and trying to sift out things about what sort of attacks I have. Most of what I could find seem to be healing moves except for the tiara and the Moon Spiral Heart attack."

She shook her head as she contemplated smacking bad guys with giant pink hearts. "I was hoping that in your capacity as advisor you would know if I have attacks other than that magic frisbee thing and Moon Spiral Heart attacks."

"Well, those are the only attacks I know of," Luna admitted. "That and some healing moves that would free a person who had been possessed by a youma."

"What!?" The red haired girl was furious. "You mean to say I've got all of this enormous magic power and that's all I've got? That is unacceptable!"

The black furred moon cat frowned. "Why is that unacceptable? Those are quite formidable powers."

"Really?" Ranma's expression of anger didn't lessen. "I can't even do the sprinal heart attack now because I don't have the scepter. As for the tiara, what if an enemy is able to dodge it, knock it out of the air or even catch it? Then I would effectively be disarmed. Look, no offense to your magic powers, but I don't like having to depend on a weapon like that."

"What do you mean?" Luna asked.

"My father always used to say weapon users are weak," she explained. "I don't agree with that completely, but depending on just one weapon could be a strong disadvantage if I were to lose that weapon. It would be much better to have other weapons or unarmed fighting skills to fall back on."

She thought about it for a few minutes before saying in a musing tone, "When I'm in Senshi form I have magically enhanced strength, I know because I could jump farther. Is that increase a set amount or some kind of multiplier of my untransformed strength?"

The cat considered that for a moment and answered, "I am not certain, but I believe your Senshi strength is a multiple of the strength of your untransformed body."

"Good!" Ranma responded. "So the stronger I can get my normal body, the greater strength I will have as a Senshi. Would that magic strength make me immune to the life draining power of the Youma?"

"It should," Luna said.

"'It should?'" Ranma echoed. "So you're saying that you don't know for sure."

The cat managed to look embarrassed and let out a nervous chuckle.

The martial artist fell silent for a while longer and then said, "Ok, then I guess I'll have to develop my own attacks. When I have some time and a place to practice, I'll need to see if I can convert some of my ki techniques over into magic attacks."

She left her room and went downstairs to the telephone in the kitchen. She picked that up and dialed a number from memory. After three rings a gruff male voice answered, "Hikawa Shrine."

"Grandpa Hino?" the girl responded. "It's Ranma. Would it be Ok if Ami, Mako-chan and I come over to the shrine this afternoon?"

"I'm sure Rei wouldn't mind," the older man answered. "You just barely caught me. I need to go to another shrine to help out and was just about to head out the door. Shouldn't you be in school now?"

"I was sick when I got up this morning, but I'm feeling better now," the girl explained. "I just didn't feel like going for only a half a day and I do have some things I need to do at home.

"Oh, well in that case I guess it's Ok," the priest said. "I'm glad you're feeling better. What do you think it was?"

"It was a side effect from a meditation technique that I tried," Ranma told him. "It did what I needed it to do, but it also gave me the worst headache I've ever had or even heard of."

"Then I guess you'll know not to do that again," the old man suggested. "I'll leave a note for Rei to let her know you and the other girls will be coming. I really have to go now, so... Bye!"

The phone line went dead before Ranma could say goodbye in turn. She shrugged and pressed a finger down on the disconnect in the cradle then lifted it up to dial another number. This time she got the answering machine for Dr. Mizuno.

In a serious tone she said, "Ami-chan? This is Ranma. Something really important has come up and I need you to come meet me at Rei's shrine. Try to get there by no later than 4:30. I'll explain when I see you."

She hung up and then called another number. Since she had called the apartment that was shared by Makoto and her roommate, there was no one there because both were in school at the moment. Ranma spoke to voice mail, "Mako-Chan this is your sensei, Ranma. Something really big has come up and I need you to meet me, Ami and Rei at Rei's shrine by no later than 4:30. The meeting could run late, so if you have any snacks ready to bring, please do so. Otherwise don't take the time to make something new. We can order pizza for delivery or something. See you then."

Ranma really hoped that Mako-chan would have some snacks to bring. She was an excellent cook and made some of the best cookies the redhead ever tasted. She could even give Kasumi or her mom a run for their money. There was a chance that the meeting could run into dinner time with all of the stuff that would have to be covered.

A glance at the clock showed that there was still a little time before her mother would come home. Ranma grabbed a light lunch from the refrigerator. This was the food that would have gone into her bento to take to school anyway. As she ate she thought about what she knew from the present and her past life.

"Luna, how well do you remember the war that ended the Moon Kingdom?" the girl asked.

"Not all that well," the cat confessed.

"Well, you are supposed to be my advisor, so I need you to advise me," Ranma said in a musing tone. "I remember it very well and there is something that doesn't add up."

"What isn't adding up?" queried the Mau advisor.

"The tactics used then and now," the pigtailed girl answered. "Before, the Negaverse used a very brute force approach. Oh, they did use occasional feints and deceptions, but they were so much about the application of overwhelming force."

She paused before continuing, "Now they are striking from concealment and they are not really attacking. They are stealing the life energy from humans and they are being sneaky about it." She paused and then amended, "Well, sneaky in a rather heavy handed way."

She let Luna consider that for a time and then asked, "So what has changed? Why would they go from frontal assault to what amounts to guerilla war tactics? No, not even guerilla war, because they are not striking at strategic targets like military bases, transportation systems or communications."

Frowning, she said, "They struck at people in the park and at jewelry store patrons. What would they do with the energy they steal? What would they need it for?"

Luna had to admit these were good questions. Not questions that she would have expected a teenager to ask. Was this an example of the martial arts training Ranma had received or training in how to be a monarch she would have been given as the daughter of a queen?

After a moment to think, the black furred advisor ventured, "You must understand that this is only speculation. But consider that Queen Beryl and her minions have been sealed away for 20,000 years. Time wouldn't have stood still for them inside their prison. Perhaps in those intervening years they used up the energy they had and possibly had to feed off the energy of some or even most of the youma who had been sealed with them."

Ranma nodded. "That might explain it. They are using tactics of a combatant who is low on resources, strength and possibly manpower. They must be using the energy they steal to bolster their strength. I would guess they need the energy before they attack openly or with any real force."

With some further thought she amended, "It is also possible that the opening in their prison is only big enough to let through one person or creature at a time. If that's true, then they may want to use the energy to force the gateway open wider."

"How does that help us?" Luna asked.

"I don't know right now," the redhead confessed. "It does give us something to go on. We need to be on the lookout for strange events or actions by people. These youma creatures can disguise themselves as humans. We need to look for people and businesses that are pulling scams to draw crowds. Maybe one of the best clues would be where the ones pulling the scams seem to be offering something for no obvious return or profit."

"I see what you mean," the furry alien advisor said. "Like offering jewelry at a 90 percent discount. Even taking that at face value, it would look like a good way to lose a lot of money. It would seem that the Negaverse doesn't care about material wealth, they just want energy right now."

"The question that troubles me is what will they do if or when they get as much energy as they want? I could imagine a couple possible courses of action they might adopt. One would be try that overwhelming force approach or graduating from energy theft to true guerilla war tactics."

Nodding, Luna tried to be reassuring. "For now they are not prepared for you and the Senshi."

"For now," the redhead agreed. "But I think it would be a safe bet that they will eventually modify their tactics after a few confrontations with me and the girls. If they are still too weak to mount an aggressive attack on us, then they will likely try to trap us."

"Yes, I agree," the cat affirmed.

"The problem I see with things right now is that for now we can only react," Ranma said musingly. "They seem to be deliberately making it hard to find out where they are coming from or anything about them. If we are able to stop them cold in their energy gathering operation, then maybe we might force them to make some more aggressive moves. If we can draw out one of their commanders or even Beryl herself, then we could strike a decisive blow."

"Getting all of the Senshi together right from the start would be a good step," Luna said.

"Hmm," the girl said thoughtfully. "Do you have any way of getting in touch with Sailor Venus, A.K.A. Sailor V?"

"Why would you want to?" the cat answered somewhat nervously.

"You said it would be a good idea to get 'all the Senshi' together," Ranma pointed out. "Since she is already active in her Senshi identity, I would assume you should be able to contact her. Obviously I wouldn't want to pull her away from England if there is still youma activity there to deal with, but if Tokyo is where they are going to be concentrating their efforts, then we need everyone we can get together."

"I'll see what I can do," Luna replied. "This girl or boy... is taking the leadership role seriously."

Ranma continued, "I will talk to Meiyoh Setsuna as soon as I can, tell her I know that she's Sailor Pluto. Since I'm the Queen (or at least the Princess), I would guess she would owe me at least some loyalty."

"At least some," the furry advisor agreed.

"If I remember right, She is the guardian of the Gates of Time," the redhead said in a thoughtful tone. "Through the use of such an artifact she should be able to find the rest of the Outers. I know they as a group have a different set of priorities but they should answer the call if they are needed."

"Surely not Saturn!" the Mau protested.

"I hope you are not going on about that 'bringer of silence' stuff," the pony tailed girl said. "Just because she has the power to destroy a world doesn't mean she can't use some of her less powerful attacks in aid of defending against the Negaverse. As I recall her Silence Wall is an excellent defense and the Silence Glaive Surprise is a powerful attack move. I'm sure if we work together we can figure out some other moves that are less than world destroying."

"Other moves?" Luna was starting to feel a little overwhelmed.

The girl rolled her eyes and said, "Yes, other moves. I already told you that Moon Tiara attack is not enough and I can't do the spiral heart attack without the scepter. I'm going to see what I can do to combine Senshi powers with the martial arts moves and attacks I already know and work up new ones as I can."

She frowned and said, "I may not have been a full participant in the fighting that the Senshi were involved in back during the Silver Millennium, but I got full reports. I wouldn't expect newly awakened Senshi to have complete access to their powers, but a priority will be to train them so they can get back all of the powers of their former lives. I'm sure I can think of creative ways to apply those powers that will evolve into new attacks."

Taking in the shell shocked expression on Luna's face, Ranma said, "Look, if we try to fight Beryl and her forces with just a tiara and the other Senshi's beginner level attacks we're either going to lose and die or die in the process of winning. If I'm going to be the leader of this little group of fighters, then by Kami-sama I'm going to see to it that we come out of it with a minimum of casualties on our side."

"I'm glad she's taking this seriously," Luna thought. "I wasn't expecting quite this much of a take charge attitude."

A big grin lit up the girl's face as she said, "For quite some time I've tried to adapt techniques I've seen characters use in manga and anime. Some of those are total fantasy, but others are logically thought out and could work if you only had enough power. I couldn't do it with just the ki I had, but with Senshi magic, I bet I can make some of those techniques work."

Smacking her right fist into her left palm, Ranma said, "If we work it right, Beryl and her forces are in for a big and very nasty surprise when they try to mess with the Sailor Senshi."

Luna couldn't help herself. She laughed and said, "Ranma, I like the way you think."

Not long after that there were sounds of keys in the front door and Nodoka's voice calling out, "I'm home."

"Mom," Ranma called out, "Welcome home."

"How are you feeling?" the older woman asked.

"Much better now," Ranma answered. "I'm over the nekoken now for sure."

"Are you sure of that?" Nodoka asked.

"I sure am," the girl affirmed. "Look what I found when I went out for a little while earlier. Luna?"

The cat-like alien rolled her eyes but obligingly stepped into the living room. She said, "Meow?" in a questioning tone.

"Oh?" Nodoka looked at the cat and then back at her daughter. "She's cute. Don't you think she belongs to somebody?"

"I don't think so," the red haired girl said. "She was just wandering around and she doesn't have a collar. I got the feeling like she was looking for something. She seems to like me."

Looking closer at the cat, Nodoka commented, "What an odd marking on her face. It almost looks like the area that is clear of fur is tattooed."

"Yeah, I noticed," the younger girl replied. "Because of the moon symbol I thought Luna was a good name for her."

"Oh! It suits her," the older woman said. She thought for a moment before saying, "I think it is wonderful that you are over your fear of cats. I also believe that you are old enough and responsible enough to care for a pet. You must be the one to feed her, although I can help at times. You must clean up after her and see to her health needs. That means visits to the vet when needed."

"I think I can handle that," the girl stated. She didn't mention that the cat could talk and was well capable of saying when she was hungry or sick. Even if her life tended to attract weirdness, it was best not to tax her mother's limits for strange things too much.

"Hey mom, when I was out earlier more happened than just finding Luna," Ranma stated. "Something came up that I'm going need to talk to Makoto, Ami and Rei about. I already called and left messages for all of them, asking to meet me at Rei's shrine."

"When is your meeting?" Nodoka queried.

"I asked them to meet at 4:30," Ranma explained.

"But that will be right before dinner," the mother protested.

With a shrug the teenager replied, "I know. I asked Mokoto to bring snacks if she has any ready. If she doesn't we can order pizza or something for delivery. You don't need to bother to fix anything for me."

"I can leave something for you in the refrigerator," Nodoka offered. "If you're hungry when you get back you can heat it up. If not, that can be your lunch tomorrow."

Grinning, the teen praised, "Great idea, Mom. I can see where I got all my smarts from."

"Humph!" the older redhead responded. "It's obvious that you didn't get your intelligence from your father."

"That's a safe bet," the girl agreed. "If I know Ami, she'll bring any homework assignments I might have missed with her."

With a smile, Nodoka agreed. "She's a good friend. When I met her at the library I had a feeling the two of you would get along well. I was happy when you started making friends with girls who are not martial artists."

"Yeah, I'm happy too," Ranma said. "I know that Pop's attitude was that anyone who wasn't a martial artist wasn't really worth knowing. But then he never wanted me to make any friends anyway. I think he believed that it would make me more dependent on him."

They chatted for a while longer and then Ranma took Luna back to her room. When they had the door closed behind them the cat said, "Your mother is nice. I like her."

"Yeah, she is nice," the girl agreed. "She has changed since I first met her after the training trip. To put it as charitably as I can, she was... a little nutty. She used to carry around the family honor blade everywhere she went and kept going on about how manly she wanted her son to be. Oh, she also had this major obsession about being a grandmother."

She paused for a moment and then added, "By the way, on subjects you should avoid talking about. Like I told you before, I'm into girls, not guys. While this body might be biologically capable of bearing children, that doesn't mean I have any wish to do so. I would really appreciate it if you never make any hint of a suggestion that I might want to."

Nodding the cat said, "Very well. I will keep that in mind."

"Don't get me wrong," Ranma begged. "I like kids, it's just that I want to be the father, not the mother."

"I understand," the cat said. She couldn't help wonder if it was the prospect of bearing children that Ranma objected to or if it was the process required to get pregnant. Oh well, that was a subject for discussion at another time (if ever.)

When it got to 3:45 Ranma got up from her desk and picked up Luna. She went downstairs and said, "I'm heading out now, Mom."

"Try to stay out of trouble," the older woman advised.

"I'll try," the teenager promised before chuckling ruefully. "But you know how trouble sometimes finds me."

"I know, but at least be careful," Nodoka begged.

"I'm always careful," the young martial artist replied. Softly she muttered, "Sometimes it even makes a difference."

As Ranma and Luna stepped out of the house the cat said, "What was that about trouble finding you?"

"I've been told that I have the 'may you live in interesting times' curse," Ranma replied. "If something dangerous or weird is going to happen in the area, it's usually me that it happens to or if it doesn't happen to me then it happens near me."

"Oh." Luna thought about it for a while before saying, "I guess that's why you were not too resistant to the idea of becoming Sailor Moon."

"Yeah," the girl responded. "After all, what's a little more weirdness?"

They proceeded in silence for a time. Shortly they reached a set of stairs that let to an ornamental gate. A sign at the base of the stairs proclaimed this to be the entrance of the Hikawa Shrine.

Just as Ranma was about to start up the stairs, a voice called out, "Hey Ranma, I wasn't expecting to see you here today."

The redhead turned to see Hino Rei in her Catholic school uniform coming up the street. Ranma waved and said, "I hope you don't mind. I called and your Grandpa said it was Ok if I brought over Ami and Makoto. There's something important we need to talk about. He said he left a note for you. I wasn't expecting to get here before you."

"Oh." Rei seemed to think for a while. "So what's the big deal?" She stopped then and noticed something. "I thought you hated cats."

Looking down at the cat by her feet, Ranma smiled and said, "I never hated them. I went through a bad experience with cats when I was a little kid and I was afraid of them. I've been cured of that."

She picked up the black furred animal and said, "This is Luna. She's a part of what I want you and the other girls to hear about. I've, uh... also got a secret about myself that I want to share with you."

Frowning, Rei asked, "If you have something you want to share with all of your friends why don't you have Megumi, Naru and Kaname here too?"

"I'm going to explain that," Ranma promised. "The stuff I have to tell you is only for you three girls. I am going to tell you, but it has to wait until the other two get here."

Rei nodded. She felt intense curiosity, but wasn't going to press. Suddenly something Ranma had said registered. "You said Grandpa was going to leave me a note. Are you saying he's not here?"

"Yeah," the redhead affirmed. "When I talked to him on the phone he said that he was going to help out at another shrine and was just heading out after I got done talking to him."

"Oh," the raven haired girl said with a small pout. "Sometimes I don't think Grandpa has quite joined the 21st century. He knows I have a cell phone. I'm not allowed to take calls when I'm in school, but I have voice mail. Grandpa just doesn't know how to leave a message."

"Or he doesn't want to mess with it," Ranma suggested.

"Yeah, that too," the shrine maiden agreed.

They went up the stairs together and let themselves into the residence attached to the shrine. Looking at the cat, Rei went to the kitchen and said, "Do you think your cat would like a saucer of cream? I've got some in the refrigerator."

Ranma quirked an inquisitive eyebrow at the cat and Luna nodded. The redhead called out, "Yeah, I think she'd like that." She set the cat down and pointed in the direction of the kitchen.

A moment later Rei could be heard to say, "You found your way to the kitchen without having to be led? You're a clever kitty, aren't you?"

Letting out a sigh, Ranma wondered if she had done something to offend Rei. It seemed like the raven haired girl was going out of her way to pay attention to the cat instead of being alone with Ranma. It was like she was trying to push Ranma away without appearing to blatantly do so.

After Rei had been fussing over Luna for about five minutes there came a knock at the door and Ranma went to see who it was. A girl of middle height with blue hair, dressed in casual slacks, a pale blue blouse and light jacket stood in the doorway. "Oh Ranma, hello. How are you feeling? When you didn't come in to school today, I worried about you."

Rei was in the doorway to the kitchen and had heard this. She said, "You missed school today, Ranma?"

"Yeah, I wasn't feeling good this morning," the redhead explained. "A meditation technique didn't work too well and I ended up with a really nasty headache. It was bad enough that I didn't think I could concentrate on school. I am feeling better now."

"I have all of the assignments and I can let you borrow my notes for today," Ami offered.

"Thanks, I could use them," Ranma replied. She noticed that Rei didn't seem as nervous now that Ami was present.

They sat down in the living room to chat about trivialities while they waited for Makoto to arrive. It was 4:25 when the knock sounded on the door. When Rei opened the door they found Makoto balancing a stack pizza boxes in one hand. The tall brunette said, "Ranma said to bring snacks and I didn't have anything ready to go, so I stopped at the pizza place on 24th street to pick up some pies. I hope nobody minds."

Ranma grinned and said, "They won't be as good as something you made, but they should do fine. I can pay you for part of the cost."

"You don't have to," Makoto offered. The other girls got out their wallets and it looked like there was no arguing them out of paying. That was Ok. Makoto hadn't been all that serious in paying for it herself, but felt it was expected of her to offer.

A short time later everyone was in the living room with a plate and a slice of pizza next to them. The redhead had also placed one cup of hot tap water and another glass of cold water onto the table. When she was sure everyone was comfortable Ranma stood and went to the end of the room where the TV was located. She bowed and said, "This first ever meeting of the Sailor Senshi is called to order."

The girls looked at each other in confusion then shrugged. Ranma did act weird sometimes. It was looked at as a part of her charm.

Ranma started off. "I know you are wondering why I asked everyone to meet here. I haven't asked any of you for sparring practice or study. Rest assured that I do have a reason. There are some major things going on that we all need to be aware of."

There were blank looks but no questions were asked yet. They seemed willing to let Ranma reach the point she was trying to make on her own.

The redhead went to her spot and grabbed the of hot water. She went back by the TV and said, "With what is coming up, the bunch of us are going to be working closely together and I can't afford to keep secrets from you. I can tell you that there is one very major secret that I have been keeping from everybody at school, not just from you three."

At this they exchanged looks. They had all had feeling that Ranma had not told all there was to say about her past, but they had been willing to respect their friend's privacy. That didn't mean they weren't curious.

"Have any of you heard of Jusenkyo?"

When more blank looks answered that, Ranma shrugged, "That's Ok, I wouldn't expect you know. The name refers to a valley in the Qinghai Province of China in the Bayancala Mountain Range, near Mt. Quanjing. The name literally means 'Pools of Sorrow' but is also known as 'the Training Ground of Cursed Springs.' It was that last name that caused my father to want to visit there."

She took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. "I've told you about my father and his obsession with martial arts training. He was keen to visit any place that had the words 'training ground' in the name. While he wasn't exactly stupid, he didn't really have a lot of common sense. In spite of the name, he took me to the valley. Because he couldn't read Chinese he didn't read any of the warnings."

"The valley has more than a hundred springs all fed from a single source of magic water," Ranma continued to explain. "There is a shape shifting curse on the valley. If any person or animal falls into a spring they turn into, not a copy, but a version of the person or animal that died in the spring last. I fell into one of the springs."

Ami was frowning. She said, "Ranma, you are an intelligent person. Surely you don't believe in magic curses."

"I have to believe in them because I've had a curse for the last two years," the pigtailed martial artist replied.

Makoto asked, "So are you saying that you are cursed to change into some animal?"

Shaking her head, Ranma said, "It is a water based curse. When splashed with cold water, the curse victim changes into their alternate or cursed form. When splashed with hot water they return to their birth form."

She held up the cup and said, "This is hot water. What you see now and what you have been seeing since you met me is my cursed form. I fell into the Spring of Drowned Young Girl. Please watch carefully."

Ranma upended the cup over her head. One gender change later, the black haired boy said, "I was born a boy. This is my birth form."

Makoto and Ami were shocked and staring, slack jawed. With Mako-chan it was more because her hunk senses were now alerted. Rei was the most affected. She stood up and pointed a finger at Ranma.

For several moments the shrine maiden just stood and pointed. Finally she said, "It was you all the time! Oh Ranma, I'm so sorry."

With that she rushed forward and threw her arms around the startled boy. She seemed almost in tears and babbling about, "I didn't know. I'm so sorry I tried to push you away."

Finally Ranma led the distraught girl back to her seat and sat her down. After giving the raven haired girl a chance to calm down the boy asked, "I usually expect some strong reactions to my change, but you are going a little over the top. What's wrong?"

"In the three months I've known you I sort of got the idea that you really liked me as more than just a friend," Rei explained. "I know I act like I'm boy crazy all the time, but to be honest I'm a little more broad minded than that. I thought I might be falling in love with you."

"But then why...?"

"Why did I start pushing you away?" Rei finished. When Ranma nodded the shrine maiden explained, "Two weeks ago I did a fire reading to find out if there was any future in a relationship with you."

"What did you see in your fire reading?" Makoto wondered. It was starting to look like maybe the hunk was taken, and she wanted to find out what was going on.

Looking up into Ranma's eyes the black haired girl replied, "The image in the flames showed the same thing we all just saw. It showed Ranma's girl form changing into his male form and back a couple times. The images in the flames are sometimes symbolic and need to be interpreted. I thought the image meant that you had a boyfriend."

"I thought that the beautiful girl I was falling in love with was in love with a gorgeous hunk of a guy," the shrine maiden went on. "I totally ignored the idea that you actually were the hunk yourself."

"I didn't want people to think I was a freak," Ranma said in self defense.

Rei grabbed both of Ranma's hands in her own, and said, "You're not a freak to me. I've been hiding from people that I like both guys and girls. But right now you look to me like you're the best of both worlds."

"Ahem!" Ami cleared her throat. "As much as I'm glad that the two of you have settled your romantic difficulties, I believe that you had other things to tell us, didn't you Ranma?"

Shaking her head, Makoto let out a low whistle. "All I got to say is if that wasn't all you wanted to tell us, then it was a hell of a buildup. I can't wait to find out what else you've got."

Ranma extricated his hands from Rei's and then patted her on the shoulder before going back to stand in front of the TV. He said, "Alright. I do have another demonstration and then we will be having a guest speaker. First I should mention that the curse is permanent and I regularly change back and forth. To demonstrate that part of it, I have some cold water here."

He poured some of the cold water over his arm and changed back into a girl. She then pulled the broach out of her pocket and pinned it to the front of her shirt. Before doing anything, she said, "Normally I wouldn't want to do this in front of other people. But you are my friends and I trust you. Besides that you are going to be my teammates."

She called out, "Moon Prism Power, Makeup." As she said it, she thought to herself, "I need to think up some other activation phrase. This one sounds way too silly."

Both Ami and Makoto were gaping, while Rei had a lecherous grin and a dazed look in her eyes. The raven haired beauty was muttering, "Hee, hee. Ranma is a natural redhead."

Makoto finally said, "You're a magical girl?"

Ami, ever the practical one, asked, "Were you aware that you were naked for part of that transformation?"

"Yeah, I was aware," Ranma answered. "But we're all girls here, right now, right?"

Rei laughed again. Shaking her head, Ranma gripped the other girl's shoulder and shook it, while saying, "Rei, I need you to focus."

While Rei was shaking herself and turning her mind to the matters at hand, Ranma sighed. "It's a shame you go to a different school. If you saw me in the locker room every day you would know I was a natural redhead by now."

Rei had the grace to look embarrassed. "Sorry to get all hentai on you there."

"We can talk about it later, Rei-chan," Ranma promised. "Now it is time for you to meet our guest speaker. Luna?"

The cat leapt the table where the pizza boxes rested and said, "Thank you, Ranma."

Author's Note: Ok, Ranma has revealed her gender changing curse to the Inners showed her Senshi Transformation. She hasn't yet told them that they are also Senshi. Stay tuned.

Futanari Ranma - chapter 10

Futanari Ranma
A Ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction
by Michael A. Ivins

Ranma, his family, friends and rivals are the property of Rumiko Takahashi. I get no money for writing this story. Mostly I just have some fun sharing the products of my imagination with others. I also do not own any of the characters from Manga (or is that doujin) Futa Club.

This chapter has LEMON content including incest. If you find that sort of thing offensive, stop reading

Chapter 10
Yuka's Family Frolics

Nabiki looked at her currently futa father and said, "There is still an issue that needs to be addressed. Ranma and Akane want to elope but they can't do it without approval from you parents. Would you be willing to sign off on their marriage if they promise to take precautions to not get pregnant until they've finished school and are financially set and ready to take care of children?"

Soun sighed and said, "I still say I want a ceremony, but I'll agree to it."

Nodoka nodded and said, "After all I've done today with both of them, I don't see how I could deny them that." She turned a glare on the panda futa and said, "I don't want to hear any argument out of you on this, husband."

Genma sighed. "Yes dear. I agree as well." After all, hadn't she and Soun been conspiring to get the kids married all along anyway. She sensed that they were not going to agree to take over the dojo yet so there would have to be some adjustments to plans. It would all work out in the end.

The phone rang at that point and Kasumi went to answer it. A moment later, she called out, "Akane, it's your friend Yuka."

Akane got up from the table and took the handset from Kasumi. "Yuka, hi. What's up?"

The girl on the other end of the line said, "I want to talk to you after school tomorrow. I'm not sure how much I can say on the phone."


The other girl said, "I will say that Tamiya and I put a plan into action today. The result is that mom and I are getting along much better than ever before. I also wanted to ask about that stuff you left for me to take care of for you."

"Oh, what about it?" Akane asked.

"I changed my mind," Yuka admitted. "I decided that I do want to use some. Since its yours, I didn't want to use any without your permission."

Grinning, Akane said, "I've got to hear about this. I'll come by your house after school. I've got stuff to tell you about too."

When Akane got back to the table, Nabiki said, "Even with the special foods and beverages, we're all pretty tired from the orgy. I've got a little work to do on my computer, then I'm going to bed."

The rest acknowledged the wisdom of that and headed off to get ready for bed.

When she was in her room, Nabiki turned on her computer and logged onto the internet. Something about what Auntie Saotome had said about doctors was nagging at her. She wanted to check it out.

She was soon at the home screen for the Realm of Futar website and logged into the members only section. Once she was in she went to the discussion forum. Looking down the discussion threads she finally found what she was looking for.

After doing some reading, she grinned. This was just the sort of thing that Auntie had been talking about. Some people on the discussion thread had expressed the wish to use Futanari transformation water and be locked, but were concerned about their doctors and medical history.

The answer was made that others were concerned about the same thing. As it turned out there were doctors who were futanari in many places all over the world. In response to questions on this subject, the website had compiled a professional directory of futanari who were doctors as well as other professions including lawyers.

When she clicked the link to look at the directory she found that not only was there a doctor who was a futanari in Nerima, but there was group of ten doctors who ran a clinic. The group included two internal medicine specialists and two OB/GYN's as well as a pediatrician and even a surgeon.

A thought occurred to the mercenary girl who changed the search parameters from profession to location. She wanted to see what other futanari lived in Nerima and gave professional services. When she looked she found quite a few. In fact it appeared that there were more of them concentrated in Nerima than in other districts of Tokyo.

It was beginning to look as if there might actually be a fairly sizeable community of futanari living in the Nerima Ward. Perhaps that was in keeping with the district's general reputation for weirdness.

It was beginning to look like there was a lot of help available if Nabiki and her siblings decided to get locked in futanari form. She copied a lot of the information into her word processor and printed out a list of names and phone numbers to contact in the next few days.

Happy that she had found the information she had been looking for, she logged off the computer and went to bed. The clinic staffed by futanari was just a short bus ride away from school. She'd go there tomorrow to find out more.

Now that it was out in the open that Ranma and Akane were having a sexual relationship, Ranma moved her stuff into Akane's room. They resolved that they were going to start sharing a bed. Because of the soreness and fatigue from the orgy, they were just sleeping tonight. They snuggled together and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning there was a different atmosphere at breakfast. Everybody was acting nicer than ever before. Kasumi wasn't merely smiling at people as she put out the food for breakfast, she touched people's shoulders, she kissed her father on the cheek, she even got into a lip lock with Nodoka for a moment.

Nabiki said to Akane, "Did I hear you were going to Yuka's house today?"

"Yep, that's right sis," Akane answered.

"Good. While you're there send another email to the Futar people and ask them to send more of that water. Now that everybody in the family is taken care of, I can see about selling some. I know of people with the fetish who might be interested in becoming futanari. I'm also guessing that they might be able to put us in touch with others. There may even be enough that I could use that offer of more water at a discounted price."

"Really, that many?"

"Oh, yeah," the mercenary girl (at the moment) confirmed. "Last night before I went to bed, I looked on the Realm of Futar website and found out some things. There is a medical clinic in Nerima that is staffed completely by futanari. There's ten doctors who are futanari as well as all nurses, assistants and office staff."

"All of that in Nerima?"

"Yes," Nabiki confirmed. "After school I'm going to their office and ask if they are taking new patients. If they are, then I'd say we found a new family doctor. I'm sure they wouldn't have any problem with us being futanari or any of the other weird crap that happens with Ranma around."

"Hey!" Ranma protested.

The rest of the family looked at him as if challenging him to deny that weird things happened around him. He took the hint and shut up.

Being in a more charitable mood than usual, Nabiki did add, "I know you don't usually do anything to encourage the weirdness, it just seems to be attracted to you like water is."

"Yeah, I know," Ranma agreed, his expression sad. "I'm sorry about that."

Chuckling, the mercenary girl said, "You don't need to apologize. It keeps life from getting boring around here."

As usual Nabiki left first, leaving the engaged couple to follow along. Ranma was back up on the fence with Akane on the ground. The girl said, "I'd get up there with you, but I can't do it in this dress."

Nodding, Ranma said, "Yeah, people would be able to look up your skirt. We'll have to work on that. Balance is very important to a martial artist."

Sounding thoughtful, Akane replied, "I have a couple of ideas. Lets talk about them when we get home."

When they walked through the gates of the school, they were met by Kuno. The kendo champion said, "Tendo Akane, your sister has convinced me that you do not desire me as I desire you. I fail to understand what you see in a boorish peasant such as Saotome, but I suppose there is no accounting for taste."

He cast his eyes to the heavens for a moment before saying, "I can understand the honorable commitment of an arranged marriage. As distasteful as it must be for you, I know you are obligated to go through with it. For being so obligated to one such as Saotome, you have my sympathy. How you managed to develop true feelings for the base-born peasant is beyond me."

Somewhat shocked by this pronouncement, Akane responded, "Uh... Thanks Kuno. I'm sure you'll find someone else."

The delusional boy was not paying attention to Akane's words. He said, "Yes indeed, Saotome. You are a fortunate man to have won the love of so fair a flower as the fierce tigress Akane. That fact that she does love you makes it all the more heinous for what you have done to enslave the beauteous pigtailed girl. Set her free so that she may accept the love I feel for her."

Ranma closed his eyes and rested his forehead in his hand for a moment. When he looked up he said, "And we were making such good progress. I can't 'set free' the pigtailed girl because I'm not holding her. I've told you and even showed you I am the pigtailed girl."

"Liar!" The boy shouted, brandishing his bokken. "You have used your foul sorcery to switch places with her. Your 'demonstrations' are nothing more than tricks and deception."

Ranma thought for a moment, then said, "You think that all of the times I've changed in front of you were some kind of staged magic tricks, like some kind of smoke and mirrors."

"What else could it be?" demanded the boy.

"Ok, I hate doing this, but I have a challenge," Ranma said. "Put the bokken away for a moment and come closer."

"Is this some trick?"

Rolling his eyes, Ranma said, "Why would I waste my time thinking up ways to trick you? I've got better things to do."

The upperclassman frowned but sheathed his weapon as requested. When he stepped closer, Ranma instructed, "Grab my shoulder and hold on tight."

Still frowning, Kuno gripped Ranma's shoulder in a tight hold. As strong as it was, the grip was not painful, but it was uncomfortable. Ranma instructed, "Akane, I have a bottle of drinking water in my book bag. Would you get it out please?"

While the girl complied with the request, Ranma said, "In a moment, Akane will pour some of the water from that bottle on my head. Before she does that I'll ask you to lean in close and look at my face."

Kuno leaned closer and said, "Pray tell, what exactly am looking for?"

In a tone of great fatigue, Ranma explained, "You're going to watch. Now you should realize that I'm smaller as a girl so my shoulder and face will both get lower. Be prepared for that. Akane will pour the water when you say, not when I say. You should tighten your grip when you tell Akane to pour."

It seemed silly but Kuno did as instructed. He spent a few moments studying the face of the foul sorcerer. In truth he didn't look like an evil man. He looked quite... normal. He didn't look like the kind of person who would do the things that Kuno know he must be guilty of.

Suddenly the kendo champion said, "Pour now!" Kuno tightened his grip on Saotome's shoulder. Still keeping his eyes on Saotome's face, he didn't actually see the water but could hear the quiet splash and the gurgle of bubbles rising up in the bottle. The shoulder in his hand moved down and became smaller, but he kept his grip.

The face Kuno was looking at moved down as well, but the kendo champion moved his eyes to follow. He watched the hair change from black to red, he saw the masculine features soften into a countenance of almost elfin beauty. The actual change was subtle, but made the difference between manly and beautifully feminine.

The girl whose shoulder he was still holding asked in a musical sounding soprano voice, "Well, did you see that? Was there an exchange or substitution? Did you lose your grip at any point?"

The girl went on, "I was watching your eyes and you didn't blink. You should have seen my face change. I know the change is fast but it isn't instant. My eyes are the same. My hair may change color but it's the same length and style. My clothes are the same. I could feel your grip on my shoulder the whole time."

"So tell me," she pressed relentlessly. "Did you see someone leave or anyone come in? Did you lose touch with my shoulder?"

She held her hand flat and waved it between their faces. "If this was a TV show or a movie they could have used computers and special effects to show my face changing. But we're not on TV, this is real. It really is magic but I'm not the one casting the spell. (You can let go of my shoulder now, by the way.)"

The kendoist released his grip but left his hand resting on Ranma's shoulder. He asked, "If Saotome is not casting the spell, then who?"

Sighing, Ranma replied, "The person who cast the spell has probably been dead a long time, more than two or even three thousand years. When I was in China I fell into a magic spring and now I'm the victim of a curse. But the curse only affects my body. Regardless if my body is a boy or a girl, I'm still Saotome Ranma inside."

They were interrupted by the sound of a bell. "Oh, Crap! We're gonna be late."

Ranma and Akane turned and ran into the building while Kuno continued to stand in the schoolyard. He stared at his hand, the same hand that had held the shoulder that had changed. He had felt Ranma's shoulder grow smaller and moved down as the body attached to it lost stature.

The young kendo champion had already suffered a blow to his ego on the final acceptance of the fact that Akane didn't love him. If he was to believe the evidence of his senses, it would mean that all of this time he had been love with a man. At least Saotome him/herself said she was the same inside. But when Kuno fell in love, Saotome was a woman, in body at least. It was all so confusing.

He would need to talk to that helpful man that Nabiki had told him of. Perhaps talking to him would ease some of the confusion in Kuno's mind. Talking to the man had seemed to help him before with coming to accept Akane's love for another.

Before class Ranma was able to get hot water to change to male. He and Akane had to stand in the hall, holding buckets, but they weren't too upset over that. Both felt they had made an actual impression on Kuno this morning.

Today Ranma managed to stay awake in class. He'd gotten a pretty good night's sleep. That was mostly because of sexual exhaustion, but that was alright. Some people were a little freaked out by the sight of Ranma paying attention in class.

After school Nabiki took a bus to get to the clinic she'd read of, Ranma and Akane went to Yuka's house. Having refilled his water bottle earlier in the day, Ranma used it to change to her futa form before they arrived.

When they knocked on the door it was answered by Yuka's mother. The woman gave a warm welcoming smile and invited them in. She said, "I understand that it partially thanks to you two that my daughters got up the nerve to start something with me. I'm not going to say more about it now because my husband is in the next room, but thank you for the part you played."

As they went up the stairs, Akane commented, "That was strange."

Looking back over her shoulder, Ranma agreed, "Yeah. It's not like we were anywhere near the place yesterday."

When they got to the top of the stairs Tamiya's door opened and she stepped out. The younger teen said, "Ranma and Akane, hi. I gotta do homework, so I don't have time to talk, but I just wanted to say thank you."

The engaged couple exchanged a look then Akane said, "Uh... you're welcome."

With a beaming smile, Tamiya bowed her head then stepped back into her room.

A moment later Yuka's door opened and they were ushered in. Akane asked her friend, "Why are your mom and sister thanking us?"

Akane's friend grinned and said, "Mostly thanks for letting me use the instant futanari powder and for getting us started on Saturday."

Ranma said, "Maybe you should tell us what happened yesterday. After that we have some stuff to tell you."



Miyuna, the mother of Yuka and Tamiya had gotten home late Saturday evening. By that time Yuka and Tamiya were in the living room, watching TV. All evidence that anything out of the ordinary had been happening had been cleaned up.

Miyuna couldn't help wondering if Akane had come over to have lesbian love with her oldest daughter. Yes, the beautiful mother knew about her daughter's relationship with the other schoolgirl. She thought back on some of the affairs she'd had back in high school. Considering that she had gone on from those to get married and give birth to two children, she didn't think it would harm Yuka. She still wished her daughters had boyfriends.

Miyuna sighed as she prepared lunch for her two darling daughters. Even if it was lesbian sex, Yuka was getting more than her mother was. She didn't know what had happened to her marriage. She was beginning to wonder if there might be something physically wrong with her husband.

About three years before Miyuna's husband seemed to simply lose interest in sex. On rare occasions he could be coaxed into it, but he seemed to treat it more as a chore than as a pleasure. If it weren't for a battery powered vibrator the woman thought she might go crazy.

At lunch the girls seems so bright and cheery. They were laughing and joking with each other. She wasn't sure she wasn't imagining it but there even seemed something flirtatious in the behavior of her daughters toward each other. No, surely she was imagining it. She busied herself with house work to distract herself from thoughts of sex.

Shortly after lunch the sisters met in the bathing room. Yuka had stripped naked and was waiting for her sister to fill a washing bucket to the two liter mark with water. When it was ready she took the bucket and set it on the floor. Next she took the foil packet of instant futanari powder and tore it open, being careful not to lose a single particle of it.

Squeezing the edges of the packet she pushed the torn side open before turning it over to empty the contents into the water. She shook the packet out to be sure of getting all she could into the water.

The powder settled on the surface of the water and quickly dissolved making the water cloudy. Yuka took a back scrubber brush and used the handle to stir the water until the cloudiness of the water cleared. The contents of the bucket looked like plain clear water.

Stepping over to stand with her feet straddling the drain in the floor of the washing area, Yuka lifted the bucket over her head then dumped it over her head. She felt wet, but more than that she felt the tingling that Akane had described. A moment later she looked down and found she had a penis.

Yuka grabbed the towel her sister handed her and dried off. When she had put a robe on they went to the older sister's room.

Yuka breathed a sigh of relief. It was true that the plan revolved around getting caught, but it wouldn't do to get caught too soon. Timing was important in this as in many other things.

Yuka shed her robe and Tamiya quickly got out of her clothes. Now that they were both naked, they looked at Yuka's new penis. It was a little hard to tell how large it was because it wasn't erect yet.

Yuka lay down on the bed and Tamiya got up on the bed as well and started playing with her sister's cock. With a little manipulation, the penis rose up in full stiffness. The older teen looked at it and compared to what she had seen on the previous day. This cock was maybe a centimeter shorter than Akane's cock. That didn't bother her so much as she felt her cock looked more in proportion to her body.

She had seen some drawings and computer graphic renderings of futanari with cocks more than half the length of their bodies. Some of the ones in those pictures were long enough that the owner of the cock could suck herself without bending over. She liked to look at the pictures, but hoped to never meet anyone like that. Being fucked with so huge a cock would likely hurt a lot.

Tamiya got up from the bed and went to leave the door slightly ajar. This was part of their plan. She went quickly to the bed and lay down next to Yuka. The two began kissing and fondling each other, Tamiya stroked her sister's cock.

After they both felt they were sufficiently "in the mood" Tamiya straddled her sister's body and lowered her pussy down on the waiting stiffness of Yuka's cock. In keeping with the plan, she called out "Ah!" loudly.

As the younger teen began raising and lowering herself on the embedded organ, the older sister reached her hands up to start massaging Tamiya's breasts and teasing her nipples. Every moan, every groan, every word of encouragement was nearly shouted.

The plan was working. Miyuna paused in her work when she heard the sounds coming from upstairs. What the hell were those girls up to? It sounded like sex. Miyuna knew Yuka was engaging in sex play with friends from school, but had never believed that her daughters were engaging in incest.

She stopped what she had been doing and slowly and quietly climbed the stairs. She stood for a moment outside the door, just listening. Did Tamiya just say, "Your cock feels so good inside me?" The only voices she heard were those of her daughters. Had they snuck a boy in with them?

The curious mother went to the slightly open door and looked in. There was no boy, but Yuka was on her back on the bed while Tamiya was moving up and down on top of her.

Miyuna couldn't let this happen. She couldn't let her babies have sex like this. She slammed the door open the rest of the way so it struck the wall. She barged and in and shouted, "Stop it you two!"

Tamiya scrambled up from her position impaled on her sister's cock and moved to sit on the side of the bed facing her mother. Yuka also sat up and turned, sitting next to Tamiya. As per the plan, Tamiya reached a hand over to grasp Yuka's erection and stroke it to keep it hard.

Miyuna demanded, "Yuka, how could you do that to your own sister?" She did a double take and asked, "And when did you get a penis?"

Answering for herself, Tamiya said, "She was doing it because I asked her to. I was there yesterday when she was having sex with Akane and I wanted to join in."

Still standing in the doorway, the woman couldn't take her eyes off the penis that her daughter was stroking. She summoned up enough presence of mind to say, "And the penis?"

Yuka explained, "Akane got hold of some magic stuff that will turn a person into a futanari. That's someone with both male and female sex equipment. She let me use some that temporarily gave me a penis. On herself she used some that gave her a penis and works like Ranma's girl curse. The penis goes away with hot water and comes back with cold. Akane used her new cock to fuck Ranma yesterday. I joined in."

Taking a couple steps into the room, Miyuna said, "Temporary, you said?"

The older daughter answered, "Tamiya wanted to try it out and I was curious what it would feel like to have a cock and fuck it into a girl's pussy."

The mother of the girls had a stray thought that she should scold them for using vulgar language, but didn't think this was the right time to do it. She took another step into the room, staring at the tableaux on the bed.

Tamiya said, "We've both heard you say that daddy wasn't 'doing his duties.' Maybe you thought we were too young or innocent to understand what that meant or maybe you were so frustrated that you didn't care. We understand that you meant that daddy wasn't doing his bedroom duties, you haven't been having sex as often as you'd like."

Her tone bitter, the older woman said, "'As often as I'd like?' More like almost never. In the last three years we've only done it twice. I was worried that he might have some kind of medical problem and urged him to see a doctor. He kept saying there was nothing wrong and refused to talk to a doctor about it. If it weren't for my vibrator, I'd have had no sexual release at all in that time."

"I was starting to look around for a neighbor or someone else to have an affair with."

With a calculating expression on her face, Tamiya said, "Well, take a look at what I'm holding. You could have your affair without leaving the house. Yuka could take care of your sexual needs and I could help."

Miyuna stepped closer and Yuka helped by spreading her legs so her mother could get closer. The older woman dropped to her knees between her daughter's legs and leaned on the mattress looking closely at the cock Tamiya was stroking.

She couldn't help herself. Miyuna brought her hand up and patted her youngest daughter's hand. Tamiya took the hint and released her grip. When Tamiya's hand was out of the way, Miyuna gripped Yuka's cock herself.

She felt up and down the length, squeezed the head gently with her fingertips and sort of tickled at the shaft. She commented, "It feels real, it even smells real."

Miyuna bent her head down and took a tentative lick at the tip of her daughter's cock. Damn, it even tasted real. She started to kiss and lick up and down the shaft and to swirl her tongue around head. She knew she shouldn't be doing this with one of her children, but even with the warm fleshy reality against her tongue, there was a feeling to it as if it wasn't real.

Shaking thoughts of the question of reality out her mind, Miyuna brought her mouth up and took the head of her daughters cock inside her lips. While holding her lips in a tight ring just past the head, she licked and swirled her tongue. It had been a while since she'd had a cock in her mouth. The fact that it was attached to her daughter now seemed irrelevant.

The sex starved mother gripped her daughter's hips and lowered her lips down the shaft of the cock in her mouth. Before long she had set up a rhythm of up and down movements, fluttering her tongue at the head on the outstroke. She was loving this.

Miyuna wanted it all. She pushed forward with her mouth until the head of her daughter's cock was pressing at the back of her throat. When she was sure she was in position, she relaxed her throat and pushed forward to bury the cock head in the depths of her throat.

Yuka cried out, "Ah! Mom, that's so great. You're doing deep throat on me. I never even thought I'd have a cock and now that I do and my own mother is doing deep throat on me."

Miyuna would have smiled if her mouth had not been full. She plunged her head down again. She dismissed the moral implications from her mind and concentrated on what she was doing.

When Yuka warned her mother, "I'm gonna cum soon," her mother pushed down until her lips touched her daughter's pubic hair. With the older teen's cock buried to its maximum Miyuna began swallowing, using the movements of her throat to massage her daughter's cock.

Only when Yuka called out, "I'm cumming!" did Miyuna pull her head back until only the head was still inside her mouth. She tightened her lips around the shaft just behind the head, wanting to get every drop and to taste it as she drank.

There was a lot of cum. So much came gushing out that Miyuna wondered if this was her daughter's first time cumming with a cock. A tiny trickle escaped her lips to drip down to her chin, but she was able to get every other drop.

"Oh Mom, that was incredible," Yuka exclaimed. "I don't know why daddy has been neglecting you when you can do stuff like that."

Wiping off the cum on her chin with her hand, Miyuna grinned and said, "I'm sort of confused about that myself. I really shouldn't be doing this with my own children, but you have a really nice cock, dear. Your cum has a truly delicious flavor, like I've never tasted before. If you do decide to use that longer lasting magic water, I hope you'll give me more chances to taste your cum again."

Grinning back, the older sister promised, "Now that I know what it feels like, I do want to use the long-term magic water."

Tamiya begged, "Mom, can you please teach me how to do deep throat like you do?"

The brunette mother chuckled. "It looks like I started something. If I'm going to be teaching lessons, I'm going to have to give demonstrations and my 'student' will need to practice what she learns. My darling daughter, I'm afraid you're going to have to sit through quite a few blowjobs. Do you think you're ready for that?"

Putting on a mock serious expression, Yuka answered, "Yes Mother, I'm ready. For the sake of my little sister's education I'm willing to be the 'practice dummy.'"

Also pretending to be serious, Miyuna said, "You're commitment to education is appreciated. In the meantime I notice you're still hard. I've got an itch that needs a hard cock to scratch. Let me lie down and we can address my little problem."

Yuka quickly got up from the bed and made room for her mother. Miyuna quickly shed her clothing and lay down. When she was on her back, she said, "I don't think we need any foreplay today. I just need a good hard fucking and I'm not in a mood to wait for it. We can do the more intimate things like pussy eating and the like the next time."

Since her mother seemed so impatient, Yuka quickly moved between the older woman's legs and positioned herself. With one hard thrust she was buried to the hilt in her mom's pussy. While she would have preferred to just let her cock soak in her mother's warmth, she acceded to her mom's wishes and began thrusting.

At first a bit tentative, Yuka quickly gained confidence and began thrusting harder. Through the experience, her mother kept giving pointers on speed, angle and force of thrusts. That help and Miyuna's long and unwilling abstinence all helped the sex craving mother to have four orgasms before Yuka pulled out and sprayed a great load of cum over her mother's body.

Wiping up some of the cum from her body and licking it from her fingers, Miyuna said, "Well dear, if you want it, you can have your father's former position as my lover."

"I'd like that," Yuka answered.

Taking a towel handed her by Tamiya, Miyuna said, "As much as I'd like it, I can't spend all of my time fucking. I'm going to get back to the house work I was doing."

The woman picked up her clothes and walked to the open door. Before stepping out into the hall she said, "I believe I interrupted you before either of you could cum. Yuka, I want you to take good care of your little sister and make sure she cums a lot. Oh, and be sure you pull out before you cum like you did with me. It would be rather hard to explain if my oldest daughter got my youngest pregnant."


"Wow!" Ranma exclaimed. "It doesn't sound like your mom took much convincing."

Shaking her head, Yuka said, "I from what she said, I guess Dad's really been neglecting her. She was so horny I think she was almost willing to fuck anyone. I guess Tamiya and I approached her at just the right time."

"She really said she wants you to take your dad's place as her lover?" Akane asked.

"That's right," confirmed Yuka. "Pretty much any time Dad's not around, Mom wants me to fuck her. Anytime I'm not fucking her, I've got her Ok to fuck Tamiya. Also when Dad's not here we're going to have Tamiya's blowjob lessons."

Laughing, Ranma commented, "Sound like your cock is going to be pretty busy."

Akane laughed too and said, "I give you permission to use a bottle of the Futanari transformation water. I certainly wouldn't want to deprive your mom of your 'services.'"

Impulsively, Yuka grabbed Akane in a hug and said, "Akane, you're the best friend, ever. Ranma, you're pretty nice too, when you aren't being a jerk of a boy."

Nodding, Ranma said, "Thanks... I think."

Akane grinned and offered, "If your cock ever gets tired, I'd be willing to let Tamiya suck on mine."

Although Ranma would have preferred to keep the sex in her own family, it only seemed polite to offer, "She can practice on me too, if you don't mind."

Grinning now, Yuka suggested, "I could call her in right now, if you want."

She was surprised when both visitors shook their heads. Akane replied, "Some other time, maybe. Not today."

Frowning, Yuka commented, "You did say you had something you wanted to tell me. Does your reluctance to have my sister suck you off now have something to do with it?"

"Yeah," confirmed Akane. "A lot happened since we saw you on Saturday."

They all settled themselves into comfortable positions around the bedroom.

Author's Note: Wow! I originally wasn't sure I wanted to write the scene with Yuka's mom. I'm rather pleased with how it turned out.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Regarding: Z Fighter Ranma

I had an intriguing thought about this story that I wanted to put forward. As can be seen in the posted chapters, I had put it that Ranma was in the DB GT world for 35 years. However I also mentioned that the portal that took Ranma there was connected to 100 "other worlds."

That leads me to the following idea. What if Ranma only spent 25 of those years in the DB GT world. I could picture Ranma, B'Ra and the kids jumping around to a bunch of other worlds. That would allow multiple crossovers as Ranma and family spend 10 years jumping to various anime and manga worlds before they get back to Ranma's home world.

I'd welcome suggestions for worlds for them to visit. Think of places that would benefit from a visit from a family of full-blooded Saiyans. Yeah, I know B'Ra is only half Saiyan in DB GT, but the same wish that turns Ranma into a Saiyan will also turn B'Ra full-blooded. I do make one request. If you wish to suggest a world for them to visit, please give me anime or manga that I would be able to view and/or read online. I have limited funds and can't afford to buy a lot of manga and anime DVD's.

I intend for there to be a lot of flashbacks to life in the DB world as well.

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Z Fighter Ranma chapter 2

Z Fighter Ranma
A Ranma 1/2 - DragonBall GT Crossover Fan Fiction
By Michael A. Ivins

I do not own any of the characters from the Ranma universe or from DBZ. They are the property of their authors, publishers, etc. I make no money off the writing of this story.

Timeline notice: In the Ranma Universe this takes place just before the Saffron arc, so no failed wedding has taken place. In the Dragonball Universe it would be sometime during the GT series. (Bra is a girl in her late teens When Ranma visits.)

Chapter 2
How I Spent My Extradimensional Banishment

The group had relocated to the Nekohanten which was still closed. Ranma had resisted all attempts to get more information out of him. He only said, "It's a long story and I don't want to tell it more times than I have to."

At Ranma's request Cologne had called the Tendo Dojo and the Ucchan's restaurant to invite everyone to come by the Nekohanten. The Kunos were specifically not invited but Ms. Hinako was. Ranma had also said, "Please ask Akane to bring P-chan if he is there with her. He needs to hear this too."

Cologne just looked at him with a raised eyebrow, then complied with the request. It was nearly half an hour before people started to arrive and a full hour before they were all there. Ms. Hinako had begged off because she had papers to grade and needed to finish up with them.

Ranma had requested that tea be served to all of the attendees and had paid for it with a large gold coin. The Amazon elder had looked thoughtful, but had just shrugged before going to prepare the tea.

When everyone had been served, Ranma stepped forward and said, "Thank you for coming on such short notice. I'm sorry that all you were told was just 'He's back' but there is a lot of story to tell, and I don't want to have to re-tell it too many times."

The blue haired woman said, "Ranma dear, why don't you just write a book? Then when anyone who wasn't up to speed on the whole business showed up they could just read it."

"That is a good idea and I will probably do that after I've told these folks," the pony tailed man stated.

Then he bowed to the gathered people and said, "Again, thank you for coming. In case you were wondering, I am Ranma, the same one who disappeared from the vacant lot a week ago."

There were a few protesting voices but Ranma held up his hands in a gesture requesting silence. When they had quieted down, he said, "Elder Cologne, I trust you were able to figure out what that spell of Happosai's had done?"

The old woman nodded from her seat and said, "I told them that the spell had created a portal to a world in another dimension."

"Good," the man stated. "Did you also tell them that the speed at which time passed in that other world could be different from how fast it moved in this world?"

"I did," the Amazon elder affirmed.

"Good." the man said with a satisfied look. "Before I get to the explanations of what happened, I'd like to ask a question of Master Happosai."

A bit startled, the old man asked, "Does this mean that you recognize me as your master in the Art?"

Frowning a little, Ranma answered, "I recognize that you are a Master of your martial arts school. However, I don't recognize you as my master. In the time I've been gone I've become the grand master of my own school."

The old man looked ready to protest, but Ranma just waved him down and said, "Explanations will be coming. For now I just want to know if you had intended your spell to send me to another world."

"Oh." The aged pervert's expression was sheepish. "Well... that wasn't really what I was planning for the spell. I thought you were being disrespectful and I wanted to punish you. But if you had gone away I wouldn't have any way of knowing how you reacted to the punishment."

The pony tailed man nodded as if he had expected this answer. "Let me guess. You were trying to lock me in my girl form, weren't you?"

"Well... you see... that is..." The old martial arts master seemed to be having trouble finding words to say. Finally he said, "You're right, that was what I was trying to do."

On hearing that Ranma looked at the blue haired woman with a huge grin. He said, "Thank you Master Happosai. You just helped me to win a bet."

Good naturedly the woman bowed her head but then teasingly stuck out her tongue. Then as she said, "I really should know better than to make bets with you when it comes to these people. After all, you do know them a lot better than I do."

He bowed his head to acknowledge what the woman had said but then turned back to the guests. "Back to the matter at hand. In the world I was sent to time did pass at a different speed than here. It passed faster. For you, I've only been gone a week, for me, I've been gone for 35 years."

Most of the people listening were sitting silent in shock. However Cologne waved her staff in the air, trying to get Ranma's attention. With an amused smirk, Ranma pointed to her and said, "We're not in school so you don't have to raise your hand. Did you have a question?"

"How did you know the span of time that had passed in this world?" she asked.

From stuff space he pulled out a rolled up newspaper and spread it out to show them. "I bought this at the convenience store two blocks from the vacant lot. That is why I wasn't there when you and Shampoo arrived."

He paused and then pulled several colorful boxes out of stuff space and handed them to the young people who had arrived at the vacant lot with him. He said, "I'm sorry I didn't bring enough for everybody, but the kids asked for this and I wasn't sure if we would be able to have this meeting right away."

After passing out boxes of Pocky to his family, Ranma turned back to his audience and said, "I know you are going to wonder how I could possibly have been gone as long as I say, when I only look like I'm in my mid 20's. It would be safe to say that in the time I was in that other world I have undergone some changes."

"One of the changes you may or may not have noticed is that I now speak in a more intelligent, educated manner," he said. "I could go into a long, complicated explanation for that, but for the moment let's just say that I had some schooling. I will have details for you later."

"Why would you waste time on such a useless activity?" demanded Genma. "A martial artist doesn't need all of that."

"Ah, I wondered when we'd be hearing from you, Genma," Ranma stated.

Now confused, the bald man asked, "Why are you addressing me by my name instead of as 'father' or 'Pop?'"

The dark haired man shrugged and said, "At least part of that is because I'm now actually older than you are. Somehow it doesn't really seem appropriate to address someone that way when I'm closer in age to a 'big brother' to you than a son. While you may be my father in a purely biological sense, I don't have that feeling of kinship that would warrant my addressing you that way."

His manner serious, Ranma said, "To be honest it is not as if I have any appointments to get to after this. After all, I just got back to this world and haven't had time to talk to any people other than you folks. On the other hand I'm sure that you all probably have things you would rather be doing other than sitting here and listening to me."

He turned back to Genma and said, "With that thought in mind, I need to say, that I can remember how you are, Genma. I will say something and you will interrupt to defend yourself or to insult me. If you do that, we could be at this all day. So for now let's just assume that we all know what your opinion of me is. You think I'm a foolish boy. You also think that I am a dishonorable, disgraceful and ungrateful boy. I'm sure you would find some place in my narrative to put in that I'm talking or acting like a weak, useless girl."

The man wearing the bandana on his head, glared but didn't speak. It was true, after all. Those would have been some of the things that he would have said.

When the others looked like they had understood those comments and accepted them, Ranma said, "Well, people are entitled to their opinions and this is one of the countries where you are entitled to speak on that, no matter how little others want to hear it. I would ask you to consider two things to change in those opinions."

"The first thing is that, at the age of 52 I am a man, not a boy," stated the man with the dark hair. "Second, is that what I change into is a woman, not a girl."

There was a buzz of conversation at that. After a moment Ranma said, "Yes, even after 35 years I still have the ability to change sexes."

After a babble broke out, Ranma raised his hands again to try and quiet the storm of comment. He did again see Cologne waving her staff, so he pointed to her and said, "What was your question, Elder?"

"Why do you call it an 'ability' to change sexes and not a curse?" the old woman wondered.

"Ah, excellent question!" Ranma approved. "Such a question deserves a serious answer. It stopped being a curse and became an ability when I gained conscious control over it. For that I owe much to the blue haired woman you see seated at the table."

He whipped around and pointed at Genma. "I anticipate your question. You would want to know why I would even want to change into a weak, worthless girl if I have the option to not do so. For now I will just say that I have reasons and I will explain later."

Turning to the rest of the group, Ranma said, "I can see the question in the eyes of some of the girls in the room. You are wondering if that woman is another fiancée. The answer to that one is that no, she is not a fiancée, she is my wife."

That elicited a storm of protest from Ukyo and Shampoo and a look of sullen resentment from Akane. Ranma roared out, "Would you all just shut up and listen!"

When silence fell again, he nodded. He paused and pointed to Nodoka and begged, "Please Mom, don't let the word 'manly' pass your lips. Go ahead and think it all you want, just please don't say it."

Nodoka looked a little hurt, but she nodded her head. She assumed that her manly son had some reason for his request.

He looked around and finally said, "I couldn't hang around the place where I arrived in the other world for very long. It was in a wilderness area and had honest to goodness dinosaurs in it. Some of them were big enough that I wouldn't be more than a snack to them. I think it would be safe to say that hanging around my arrival point would have been dangerous."

"Part of that involved finding a sensei so I could continue in my training in the Art," he told them. "I asked around and found that the strongest martial artists in the world were said to be Son Goku and a guy named Vegeta. Goku was pretty much dedicated to a single student at the time and not taking any new trainees, but Vegeta had no students other than his son and daughter."

"At first Vegeta didn't want to take on any students, but about then I met his daughter. Her name is B'Ra and this is her. Well we hit it off pretty well and it was her that talked her father into teaching me. He is a harsh taskmaster but I learned. The style he teaches is very much of a brute force approach that emphasizes strength and power with little finesse."

"During the training B'Ra and I were around each other all of the time and we found that we really liked each other. Eventually we fell in love and we got married."

Ukyo, Shampoo and Akane all had sullen looks on their faces, but the didn't say anything. While they didn't like the idea that Ranma had married someone else, they could understand what he had been saying about believing he might never get back. They had to ask themselves if they would have waited forever to try and get back if they had been in the same situation.

"At this point I believe introductions are in order. The four people who came with me are my children, mine and B'Ra's. This fine young man is my son, Vegeta, named after his grandfather. He is the oldest at the age of 25."

The blue haired young man stood up and bowed briefly. His features looked more like those of his grandfather and there was only a slight resemblance to Ranma. He looked no older than 20 years old.

"Next we have Ranko. I named her with the alias that I used when I was hiding from my mother. She is 21 years old."

The red haired girl stood up and bowed. She bore strong resemblance to her brother Vegeta. Her read hair stood up on her head in spikes.

"The next youngest is Goku, my son. As you can see, he is the one who looks most like my male side. He is named after friend of the family Son Goku. He is nineteen."

The boy stood and as Ranma had mentioned, he looked almost exactly like his father at the age of 18. The only significant difference was that his hair was a pale blue Like B'Ra's.

"Finally we have my youngest, Doka. Her given name is really Nodoka, so obviously I named her after my own mother. She likes to shorten the name, so that is what we call her most of the time. She is seventeen."

The red haired girl who stood up looked like a virtual twin of Ranma's girl side as they had known her, only taller. Unlike her siblings, Doka actually looked her age.

At that moment the elder Nodoka commented, "When I was in high school I often went by the nickname Doka. Genma was the one who started calling me No-chan."

Ranma nodded and directed a brief smile at his mother. He then took a deep breath before saying, "To expand on what I said earlier about changing sexes. And I don't want to hear anything out of you, Genma. I've completely accepted my female side."

Directing his attention to the booth where his children were sitting, he asked, "Girls, who's your mama?"

Looking slightly confused at the phrasing of the question, Ranko said, "You are, Mom."

Casting a somewhat defiant look at his mother, Ranma stated, "That's right! I gave birth to both Ranko and Doka. B'Ra can also change sexes and she was their father. B'Ra is the mother of the boys and I am their father. B'Ra and I agreed to take turns on who would give birth. While raising them we switched sexes fairly regularly so they were able to get used to the idea."

B'Ra nodded, and added, "That let them get used to the idea of changing sexes so they weren't too freaked out when they gained the ability to do that at puberty."

Cologne urgently waved her staff. When Ranma indicated that she could speak, the Elder said, "What you are saying shouldn't be possible. Jusenkyo curses cannot be inherited, at least not that we of the Joketsuzoku have observed for all of the 1500 years since the girl drowned in the spring."

She paused and then added, "That also doesn't explain how your wife (or is that husband?) gained the curse. Are you saying that there is some equivalent place to the springs in the other world you visited?"

Ranma smiled warmly. Now that he was older, he could well appreciate the depths of the Elder's intelligence and time honed craftiness. It was good that someone was asking intelligent questions.

"First I would tell you that I haven't visited every corner of that other world," he reported. "However, if they have cursed springs, I have never heard of them from anyone on the other Earth. I made it a point to ask people who were well versed in such subjects and they all either said no, there was no such thing, or if there was, they'd never heard of it."

"As for how B'Ra can change sexes and how the kids inherited the ability, I intend to explain that," the black haired man stated. "I will say now that my ability and theirs are no longer the result of a Jusenkyo curse."

He looked over the assembled group and said, "Now to settle an issue that I know will be on the minds of at least some of the women here. You have met my wife and kids now and so you should know that I'm not marrying Akane, Ukyo or Shampoo. I would include Kodachi in that, but she would probably not recognize me now that I'm older."

"But what about my honor?" demanded Ukyo. "What about my dowry?"

"That arrangement was made with Genma," Ranma countered. "The only reason you even suffered any loss of honor was because of the way your idiot father reacted to the whole business. I still don't understand how he figured that my father running out on you was a rejection of your femininity."

He pulled a leather drawstring bag out of stuff space and tossed it to the chef. When she caught it she found that it was very heavy. She pulled the mouth of the bag to open it and found it contained large gold coins.

"I think you will find that the amount of gold in that bag is worth a lot more than double the value of that yattai," Ranma told her. "Since you seem to prefer a more stationary restaurant now, you could use that to fix up this place or move to a larger location and hire some help to expand."

"You can't buy me off," Ukyo said hotly.

"Ukyo, get real," Ranma commanded. "I'm already married and I've got kids older than you are. A marriage between you and me is never going to happen. Even the old agreement between your father and mine is no longer valid anyway."

"What do you mean?" the long haired brunette asked.

"The agreement was for you to become the fiancee of Ranma Saotome," the black haired man pointed out. "When I married B'Ra I married into the family name. I know I told you that I'm Ranma Saotome, but that was only because I knew you wouldn't recognize my current family name. I am really Ranma Briefs and all of my kids are Briefs as well."

He thought for a moment and said, "Don't think that the unfulfilled agreement between your father and mine might entitle you to a marriage to one of my boys either. For one thing all of my kids can be either boys or girls. For another they make their own decisions on who they want to date or marry."

"If you want to date one of my kids, then you have to go about it in the usual way," Ranma continued. "You can ask any of them. They could accept or they could refuse, that is up to them."

He turned to the Tendos and said, "I'm sorry Mr. Tendo but there will be no 'joining of the schools' through me. I could never really tell if Akane actually liked me or not, but I got the impression that she would be happy to get out of the engagement."

"If you are too old then one of your children will have to complete the commitment to family honor," Genma stated.

"Didn't you hear what I told Ukyo?" Ranma asked. "I'm not a Saotome and haven't been for 30 years. None of my kids are Saotomes. They are members of the Briefs family of West City. Your agreements have no force on my family. You want to make some kind of separate agreement with one of the kids, then you talk to them about that."

"But..." Soun began.

"I'm sorry Mr. Tendo, but that is how it must be," the pony tailed man stated.

"How dare you get married to some other girl while you were away?" Genma demanded. "That is something I would expect from a son who has no honor."

"Oh really?" Ranma fired back. "I was in another world and didn't know if I'd ever find a way back. As it was it took thirty five years to finally return. Would you expect me to become a monk in that time, maybe take a vow of celibacy?"

"No!" shouted Nodoka. "I wouldn't ask such a thing of my son. I, for one, am glad that you found love in your new home. And such fine grandchildren you have given me."

Ranma smiled at that. "I knew you'd see it that way, Mom."

At that moment Cologne spoke up, "And what of our claim, Son-in-law? We never made an agreement with the Saotome family. By the laws of our village you are married to Shampoo."

"Really?" Ranma challenged. "The Kiss of Death was given at the end of a challenge over food. There was no formal challenge. The Kiss of Marriage came after Shampoo basically knocked herself out with her own weapon. And there was no formal challenge there either. I would rate your claim as very shaky."

"It isn't your place to question the decision of the Council," the Elder proclaimed.

Ranma's form suddenly shrank a few centimeters and she stood before them in her female form. This was not the petite little redhead who had defeated Shampoo back at the village. This was a tall, strong warrior woman.

The red haired woman said, "I would like a chance to talk to this council of yours some day. I wonder if they would truly be willing to break up a marriage of 30 years. Could they take a father from his children or a mother? Would they really be that cruel?"

The old woman frowned and said, "I can see there is much that must be debated in the Council. I don't know if there has ever been any situation like this before."

"While they're at it, they should discuss whether or not the Outsider Laws really have any relevance in the modern world," Ranma suggested.

"3000 years of history..."

Ranma interrupted, "Are just that, History! Just because a law has served in the past, doesn't mean that it is still good now. The world has changed. If you want to continue to be a primitive tribe in an extreme backwater of the world, then by all means keep your antiquated laws. But if you really want to come into the 21st century, you need to look at your whole system of laws and start trying to figure out what to keep and what to get rid of."

The elder secretly agreed that the council needed to do that very thing. She didn't want to admit it in front of these other people. Perhaps they should let Ranma come and address the council. That was something that would need to be addressed later.

Ranma shifted back to male form and continued his story, "Before I go any farther in telling you about what happened to me specifically, I should give you a little background on the world I landed in. Even though they called it 'Earth' it was very different from the world we have here. None of the land masses are the same as the ones here and I don't think an expert in continental drift would be able to see a way that world could evolve into this one. They had a higher level of technology than we have here and at the same time there were parts of the planet that were more primitive than this world."

"In that world they have flying cars and a technology that will allow a whole car, motorcycle, even a house to be compressed into a capsule like this." Out of a pocket he pulled a case and from that he pulled a round capsule that had a push button on the end.

"B'ra's grandfather was the inventor of the capsule technology and because of that her family is quite wealthy. Her family has a rather peculiar tradition in picking names for their children. Dr. Brief almost never told people his given name. I'm not sure if he was ashamed of it, or if he just got tired of explaining. His name was Boxer."

"More on that later. The other world is more primitive because there are areas where there are real, living dinosaurs. There are also such animals as saber-tooth cats and cave bears. It is also different from this world in that there are dog people, cat people, talking bears and other creatures."

"It will likely interest you to know that B'Ra's father is an alien from a planet that has the same name, Vegeta. He is a member of a race of beings called the Saiyans. Another Saiyan living on earth was Son Goku, who I mentioned before. Goku came to earth as an infant. Since he was raised on Earth he regarded it as his home."

"For our honeymoon, B'Ra and I took a trip in a spaceship that was built by her mother, Bulma. While that is what she called herself, her real given name was Boruma or 'bloomer.' Yeah, that's right, she was named after girls gym shorts."

"Many years before I arrived, there was an alien being from a planet called Namek who lived on the earth. He went by the name of Kami, not to be confused with the kami of this world who are gods. The Namek named Kami created something called Dragon Balls. There were seven of them and when all 7 were gathered in one place you could use them to summon up a powerful being named Shenron, also known as the Eternal Dragon."

"As to why anyone would want to summon up this being, it all had to do with a wish. When the dragon was there you could wish for almost anything including bringing back people from the dead. After a wish was granted the balls would turn into ordinary stones and scatter. They would stay as stones for one full year, after which you could gather them together again and make another wish."

"If you want a more detailed history of that world, just go read from the manga, Dragonball and Dragonball Z. The world I lived in was what people in this world would consider a fictional place."

"On the Earth of that world there had been a problem with the Dragon balls. It could be said that the balls had been over used and that had caused the dragon to split into seven different aspects of himself. Goku, Vegeta and some members of their family had to fight the different dragons to save the earth. When they were done there were no dragon balls and Goku had ascended to take on the job of Shenron."

"Even though there was no one left on Earth to grant wishes, the Dragon of New Namek was still around. He was named Porunga and you could say he was the original dragon. He would still only grant wishes once a year, but that was more often because the Namek year was shorter. When he did grant wishes he could grant three at a time."

"Because of the problems that happened with the Dragon on Earth and even before that, the Nameks tried to only use the Dragon Balls for emergencies. They decided that if the could always use the dragon to pull them out of their problems, it would make them weak."

"However, when their original home planet was destroyed, they had stayed on Earth for a time and it was B'Ra's mom, Bulma who found a place for them to stay. To thank her for her hospitality, they had promised her that she or a member of her family could come to New Namek to be granted one wish."

He grinned and shot a look over at B'Ra. "It seems my love is as much of a genius as her mom is. She figured out a way to get a lot more mileage out of a single Wish."

Author's Notes: This chapter is mostly setup. A lot of this fic will involve flashbacks to what Ranma did in the DB GT world, and that is what the next chapter will consist of. I would welcome suggestions for adventures for Ranma and B'Ra to have in the DBZ universe.

About names: In various places I have seen the character who plays Ranma's wife with her name spelled Bra, Burra or Bulla. For my fic I thought I would use a sort of compromise. It still has the flavor of being a feminine undergarment, but doesn't have to be read that way if you don't want to.